If you’re about to appear on television, we’ll interview you on-camera, review the video together and pinpoint how to improve.  We’ll ask questions you’ll likely be asked, teach you to handle the tough ones, and also how to convey your key messages without sounding like a talking-points robot.  

We will adjust your approach for interviews with print and other text reporters, including an understanding of the ground rules when they say you’re "off the record" or “on background.”

The training will be precise and rigorous, but the goal will be simple:  you’ll become such a strong interviewee, you won’t need us any more…except to get you more media bookings.


Our media interview training isn’t based on theory.  It’s taught by a former award-winning journalist with extensive real-life experience.

During his 16 years as an ESPN TV reporter, Steve Delsohn interviewed hundreds of people on-camera, and thousands more off-camera while writing 12 nonfiction books.  No matter the media platform or the stakes involved, we will train you to be more relaxed, concise and dynamic.


Whether it’s a strategic media campaign or high-end media booking, Delsohn Strategies is well-positioned to help you shape public opinion, promote a worthy cause, or raise your personal profile.

As a former Peabody Award-winning TV reporter, New York Times bestselling author and documentary producer, Steve Delsohn knows how to frame and pitch newsworthy stories.  He understands precisely what producers and reporters need in order to get a green light from their bosses.  And Steve has more than just extensive media contacts.  He has credibility with his contacts.

Whether it’s TV, print, radio or digital, no one can make the media tell your story or book you for an appearance.  But connecting with the right journalist with the right idea at the right moment…is a very good start.



It’s great when the New York Times, ESPN TV or CNN.com does a positive piece about a client.  But that’s hardly the only way to get a story told.  Delsohn Strategies creates written and video  content that clients can utilize on a daily basis.

After three decades as a proven content creator--in television, books, documentaries and digital text--Steve Delsohn will help you discover the essence of your story and the most compelling way to tell it.   We won't accomplish that by being phony, slick or complicated.  When you work with us, your content will be clear, concrete and authentic. 


Steve Delsohn is a prolific and versatile writer, with 12 nonfiction books published and numerous articles for magazines, newspapers and ESPN.com.


At Delsohn Strategies, our writing services include Op-Ed columns and bylined articles on behalf of our clients; intriguing press releases that reporters will actually read; and various other forms of external and internal communications. 


Not everyone wants or needs someone to write for them.  But everybody benefits from a good editor.  We can help with that, too, ensuring that your ideas are clearly expressed.


Have you always wanted to write a book, but not sure about the process?  In addition to being a longtime successful author, Steve used to be a literary agent for a firm based in New York.  Now he will help you develop your book concept, then assist you with the construction of the all-important book proposal.  Once an agent sells your book and you write a manuscript, Steve can edit and enhance it before the exciting day when you submit it to your publisher.